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Thoughts on my Nuzlocke

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 11:03 AM
I don't normally talk much about things in the Nuzlocke community, or even my own thoughts on my Nuzlocke. Not so much that I don't want to get more involved with the community, that might be nice actually, but mainly because I guess I'm just more content quietly making the pages to my comic. And I guess also because, I don't want to get too involved with clashing opinions.

But that's just the thing. Like everyone else, we all have differing opinions over things and different ways to how we approach them. I personally try not to get into the whole popularity and quality debate that tends to come into the community. I have my own thoughts on it of course, but I guess I just never really /cared/ enough to delve into that subject. I hate to admit it, but I haven't really read any other Nuzlocke comics in the longest time now, even though I keep meaning to. It's hard to find time. I've mostly just been more invested in doing my little story.

A good friend of mine, and who I also in some ways look up to, made a very good journal on the point of popularity in the Nuzlocke community,

  Nuzlocke - PoopuluritieSo this is a topic that's been discussed for as long as I've known this community, and definitely well before that. So by all means! Skip this post, it's more of the same. xD
Nuzlocke culture has evolved into this weird contradiction - We all want to be "popular" but when it's implied that we do, we defensively deny it to the ends of the earth, as if this wish is really something to be ashamed of. This topic's been coming up more recently, so I guess it's been on my mind a bit more. I think I've got it figured out, but I must warn you - It's not particularly pretty or flattering. But I'm here to break it down for you guys with the truth, not to add my own denial bullshit to the pile, so lets get to it! :dummy:
There's some psychology involved, here. :3
So as an internet hermit who spends 90 percent of his free time doing pathetic fanfiction, I've come to meet many wonderful people over the years. I grew up surrounded by people who "don't get me" and make me feel "weird" for bein

And I agree with many of the points there. I've always been of mind that people shouldn't get so caught up in critique, drama, or anything else and just make their Nuzlocke the way /they/ want it to be. Because there is no wrong way to making a Nuzlocke, and likewise, there is no right way either. It's important to be considerate about feedback and critique, but you cannot get too caught up in it either.

In the same light though, it also does get me thinking.

I'll admit. You don't really hear me saying this before, but there's been times where I've mentioned in passing on Skype and shit that "I don't really want to be popular", which is a subject touched up quite heavily in the above journal. And obviously, it's quite a contradictory remark to be saying. I admit that. People make art to be shown and to be displayed before an audience. Art is one of the few ways that people express themselves. And The Ballad of Orville is not exempt to this. I use that comic as a means of expressing myself as well.

I guess... what I was meaning to say the whole time was, that I don't really care if I get super popular or not. Like there's Nuzlocke artists out there whose works are by far greater known than others. By all means, I do like it when people see my work, and give me feedback, and anything such as. I /do/ put Orville out there for others to see. And I guess in the past couple months it has been growing more popular, if judging by my watcher count's growth, and on the forums and Tumblr.

But see, thing is. I don't just make Orville for other people.

Orville is a very personal project of mine. I won't delve into too much specifics about it, but I regard it very highly on a personal level. In some ways, I guess I could even say that Orville is also a means for me to cope with certain things. I believe I've touched up on that like a year ago or so before I even started posting my run. So I will say that the main reason I make Orville, is mostly for myself.

Does that make me a contradictory selfish dick? Well, I guess so, if you want to see me that way. But again, this does not mean that I don't appreciate my readers. I appreciate them VERY much. I love each and every one of your comments. I grin to myself whenever someone posts "Oooh, I wonder what's going to happen. I theorize something like this ___." My readers also help me to pull through with this.

I'm just saying that, Orville's mainly a personal project of mine. And that I don't care too much if I get wildly popular or not. I mean, if it happens, nice! In the same light, too much popularity can also be quite pressuring and tense. But in the end, whatever happens, it'll just happen.

I probably didn't make any sense whatsoever here. Back to my next page then.

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Going to be juggling both Orville update & something for my new PMDU team. Will be working on both for a bit.
They improved the activity widget, so now I can bother actually using it now. Wish the text wasn't so big though.
Started sketching the next Orville page the other day, so it's coming. There's another thing I want to finish though as well, due in about 2 weeks. But it's coming.

I'm considering making Orville a weekly update as opposed to its erratic schedule now. What day of the week do you think would be best? 

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